We want to answer your questions about nuclear power plants

Did you know that you can put your questions about the operation and safety of nuclear power plants and their effect on the environment directly to Energoland by calling 036/3691102 or by writing an email to energoland@seas.sk? Another way that we can provide answers is through our civil information commissions (OIK), one serving Bohunice BPP and the other Mochovce NPP.

Both these commissions are part of the corresponding interest associations of towns and villages. In both regions, they address not just the activities of the nuclear power plants but also the decommissioning of the plant at Bohunice and the processing and storage of radioactive waste.

Civil commissions around nuclear power plants

The members of the civil commissions – mayors of nearby towns and villages – have been working hard for several years to raise public awareness in the region around the nuclear power plants and to promote open dialogue with the management of the nuclear power plants. Their regular meetings are also attended by regulatory bodies – the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, the Labour Inspectorate in Nitra, who will be joined in future by the Public Health Authority.

The civil information commissions were established by the interest associations of towns and villages in the buffer zones of the Mochovce and Bohunice NPPs. The aim of the associations is to develop and represent local self-government, to support regional events and to find and promote legal solutions for improving the life of residents in the regions around the nuclear power plants. Both associations have new chairmen this year: Ladislav Éhn, the mayor of Kalná nad Hronom, in the Mochovce association, and Maroš Sagan, the mayor of Cífer, in the Bohunice association. More detailed information on the activities of the associations and the activities of the civil information commissions can be found on the websites zmo.sk and zdruzeniemochovce.sk.


List of municipal representatives in OIK Bohunice:

  • Július Zemko, Špačince, chairman
  • Gilbert Liška, Veľké Kostoľany
  • Ladislav Boháčik, Pečeňady
  • Božena Krajčovičová, Jaslovské Bohunice
  • Pavol Johanes, Kátlovce
  • Miroslav Remenár, Radošovce
  • Terézia Kavuliaková, Leopoldov
  • Karol Zachar, Dechtice
  • Roman Súkeník, Zemianske Sady
  • Miroslav Sučák, Bohdanovce nad Trnavou
  • Dagmar Jakubcová, Dolné Zelenice


List of municipal representatives in OIK Mochovce:

  • Miroslav Považan, chairman
  • Ján Krtík, Levice
  • Tibor Tóth, Vráble
  • Miroslav Kupči, Tlmače
  • Dušan Husár, Zlaté Moravce
  • Ladislav Éhn, Kalná nad Hronom
  • Ladislav Pisch, Malé Kozmálovce
  • Ladislav Nagy, Nový Tekov
  • Peter Štefan, Starý Tekov
  • Mária Farkašová, Lula
  • Peter Benko, Veľký Ďur
  • Gabriela Šplehová, Tajná
  • Štefan Mišák, representative of the academic sector


Interest associations of towns and villages in the vicinity of power plants

30 km EBO: 151 municipalities, 280,000 people

20 km EBO: 99 municipalities, 165,000 people

This article was originally published in Energia pre krajinu 2/2019.